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Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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Thrush Showing Signs of Interbulbular Dermatitis Tab

We couldn't figure out why this mare continued to come up sore in her right front foot.  Notice, however, the tab of hide at the very back of the frog in the middle near the hair line. This tab is characteristic of a horse that has interbulbular dermatitis (thrush).  Also, notice the crack in the center back part of the frog.  When I apply weight to this foot, the crack in the heel of the frog opens up and exposes the underlying sensitive area of the frog to the air causing pain.  I  treated it with iodine crystals to widen up the crack a little so that it could heal from the inside out.  The mare immediately felt better, and the thrush went away by the next shoeing.  To see more of these tell-tale tabs in feet with thrush go to my Thrush Video - Trimming for Thrush.

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