AFA Certified Farrier by the
American Farrier's Association
 AFA Member # 7332

Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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Mobile Shop

Mobile Shoeing and Trimming Shop:  I’ve invested in a Stone Well stainless steel one-of-kind specialized mobile farriery shop that has all the tools necessary for any shoeing requirement.  My shop houses a large selection of many types of horseshoes, traction devices, pads and all types of bar stock necessary for handmade shoes.  My shop has a quiet generator that can be used when barn electricity is unavailable or is of too little voltage to be useful.

All disciplines and breeds are represented in my practice: Dressage, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper,Gaited,  Endurance, Cutting, Reining, Polo, Barrel Racing, Tennessee Walkers, Rocky Mountain,  Ponies, Belgian, Andalusian, Friesian, and Drafts.