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Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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New Client Requirement

I apologize in advance to anyone with good credit who pays on time and is finding themselves filling out the following form. I've recently had payment challenges with some of my new clients and a few of the old ones who are having financial difficulties. As a sole proprietor it is very costly and disheartening for me to have to deal with the time, expense, and aggravation associated with acting as my own collection agency.

Unless other arrangements have been worked out in advance please fill out the credit card authorization form below.  It is simple to do and is completely automated.  After you have filled out the Credit Card Authorization Form I will accept payment with a personal check.

Please bare with me till we get to know one another.

Chris Minick, AFA Certified Farrier

Download the Credit Card Authorization Form in PDF format

Click the form below to open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Only and send via email or click here to show a printable version in your browser for filling out manually.  In either case you can take a photo of it and send as an attachment to a text message to my cell phone at the number posted at the top of my Home Page.