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Short Shoe Damage Causing Bruising

I've already trimmed this horse, and I'm getting ready to nail on a new shoe that it two full sizes larger than what the previous farrier used.  I couldn't resist taking some photos of this ridiculous shoeing job.

This horse had on shoes that weren't just one size too small.  They were two full sizes too small--and not enough heel was removed during the previous trim.

Notice the torn laminae just inside the edge of the hoof wall.  This horse was stood up on his heels so high that it caused jamming, bruising, and torn laminae.  The torn laminae is the space at the top of the photo below, which is white and the distance to the inner edge of the hoof wall.

This is right-sized shoe that I used.

The pictures speak for themselves.  This horse is extremely lucky to have such resilient feet.  Many horses would come up immediately lame with such a poor shoeing job.  He would have eventually broken down had he been shod this way over a longer period of time.  This was a large horse that had on small shoes, a perfect recipe for disaster.

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