AFA Certified Farrier by the
American Farrier's Association
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Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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Lateral Support - Front Pigeon-Toed

This sweet little Arab mare is extremely pigeon-toed and walks on the outside of her front feet, particularly her right front foot.  The lateral (outside) hoof wall is folded under her body so that she is nearly walking on the outside of her front feet.  The folding under of her hoof capsule has become so severe that it is exacerbating her conformation problem.  Her hoof capsule is so distorted that it's remodeling the inside of her foot.  The quickest way to give her support is with a shoe that has been modified to be wider on the lateral side.  You can see from the pictures how much wider we set the shoes to get them under her.

I brought in Dave Fraser, a master farrier out of Menlo Park, CA, who specializes in this type of work to help me.  Dave made the shoes, and I provided the materials.

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