AFA Certified Farrier by the
American Farrier's Association
 AFA Member # 7332

Farrier Art   by Chris Minick

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Abscess Protected by Bar Shoe

I was shod with a hot nail which caused an abscess that undermined my sole and heel area on the outside hind quarter.  My sole and heel were cleaned out, but I couldn't walk on that area because of the danger of infection.  The farrier made a bar shoe that made room for my frog which was much lower to the ground than the heels of my hoof capsule.  My owner thought I'd be laid up for months, but I could walk, trot and run just fine after the area was protected with the bar shoe and pad.  The farrier even welded Borium (tungsten) to the toe of my shoe to keep me from wearing it out.  Most of my weight was taken by my frog, which was sitting on the back of the bar shoe.

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